Alone Time

Now that I’ve finally emotionally matured enough to using my words, “I need alone time,” always yelled in a fuck off type manor, is my friend. Do I think it sounds stupid? Do I think I sound like a child? Do I care? Yep. Yep. And nope. Before I wouldn’t say a word as I was literally getting so annoyed with people I couldn’t stand them breathing. If they made the wrong noise everything they’ve ever done ever or that just in general about them that  pisses me off would flood the floor. I’m a really nice person.

In all honesty, I hate people. They blow. Obviously, they are here to stay though, stupidity, lying, and dumbassness included. And as I am told I have excellent people skills!! (Cruel joke right?). I guess that explains every politician though, they’re good at what they do and probably actually hate “their” people. It’s not hard to smile pretty and fuck someone over, we’ve all done it. Moral of story, people still blow.

I always think about it as someone started out as this huge raging giant smashing all the little people. Then when those little people become giants they smash the next set of little people and so on and so on. People act on examples and standards. We have shitty examples and standards, probably why people are acting like their cats and dogs are humans now… still weird…

I chose to sit with myself. Read. Draw. Write. Sleep. ALONE TIME. It makes the assholes in the world  seem insignificant and fleeting.




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