To College, The Odyssey Writers and their Concern for Addiction

Why are you even targeting addiction and mental health so heavily? I’m pretty sure your cozy college dorms or houses are nothing like the streets or trap houses addicts go to looking to score. And do not give me this “well I’ve seen friends or I have family members” line. YOU HAVE NOT PERSONALLY BEEN TO HELL AND BACK. You haven’t been in hospitals, jails, and other institutions. Addicts have.

So now you are going to say it was our choice, but here is the fact of the matter; some people can do things that others can’t. Yes it was my choice to take the first drink of alcohol when I was an underage teenager, but you probably would have been right there beside me. The difference is you can drink alcohol and I can’t. So are you blaming people for doing something they didn’t know there would be severe consequences to? Consequences that THEY have to live with, not you, them.

Lives of addicts are hard enough without people, who have no clue what any of it’s about, bringing them down. These are human lives. Addicts have to step over enough dead bodies to reach their recovery. Why do you want to add more? They are already taken advantage of by the people that say they’re going to help them, but drain them of every penny. These people are hurting and need help.

Have you ever heard of a thing called dual diagnosis? A lot of addicts have a mental disorder they are unaware of. It drives them through so much pain they just want to escape themselves. So they pick up their addiction. I am Bipolar I and I used alcohol to manage my cycles because I didn’t know what to do. I’ve tried to kill myself four times. It miserable how much I think about suicide. My life is a fight.

I am a junior in college despite my trips to the hospital, rehab, outpatient, etc. I work part-time. I have a boyfriend. I am not some monster that needs to be put down by others. We are losing our ability to empathize, we dehumanize, and we go after another because we can. Addicts are sick. They get high to lose themselves, to runaway from the trauma, or the thoughts or whatever they struggle with. An internal struggle is still a struggle. Sorry, not sorry me and my addiction and mental illness offend you.


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