Good or Just Bad People?

When I was younger, I use to look around and try to see only the good in others. While honorable, my father said it always worried him. Twenty-one years later my father’s worry manifested in ways unforeseen to innocent eyes, I understand.

Now I look around and hope never to see a single soul again. People disappoint. Others take advantage. But what about the good people do? Think about how many times you remember the good someone does for you or the bad they do to you.

How do we look each other in the face? Answer, with a friendly yet slightly bitchy smile as we continue stabbing each other in the back.


One thought on “Good or Just Bad People?

  1. Howdy Ellie!

    I’ve always looked for the humanity of a person reminding myself that no matter what physical or mental or personality issues are going on there, inside there is a person who deserves the minimum respect and consideration of anyone else on the planet. Not everything can be sweetness and lace. The best you can do for anyone is give them solid honest feedback. Some of the most helpful for me, at least in the long-run, was the most hurtful at the time.

    Nice post, though. You’ve caught my struggles with how to interpret others quite well. I’ve always been too trusting and honest… honest to a fault, but learning diplomacy.


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